Got a fish tank at home? If your house is anything like ours, the job of changing water and cleaning filters can be a drag. Plus, if you stop to think about it, you're tossing a lot of prime fertilizer down the drain. Fish poop is full of good stuff plants love. Why not feed it to them and let nature clean up your fish's mess for you?

Plants thrive on the nitrates, ammonia, and micronutrients in fish waste. By cycling your tank's water through plant roots, you can pull out the waste, while nourishing plants at the same time. You get fewer water changes, no messy filter to clean, and a bonus house plant (even herbs or leafy greens!) that never requires feeding or watering. Just imagine-- filter your fish tank with aquaponics today, and you could be eating a delicious salad made from fish poop tomorrow.

It's a symbiotic win-win for everyone. And if you already have a tank of fish in your home, you're 90% of the way there. Watch this week's video... in under 3 minutes, you'll learn everything you need to take the next step and become AQUAPONIC !
In celebration of National Granola Bar Day this coming Wednesday, we're making quick and easy granola bars from scratch. They contain only six ingredients and don't even require baking.

Here's what you'll need:

3 cups rolled oats
2 cups raw almonds
2 cups pitted dates
½ cup creamy peanut butter
½ cup honey 
OPTIONAL: 1 cup chocolate chips

You can toast the oats if you feel like it, but that's optional. And beyond that, no oven is necessary, making this an especially great recipe for kids to whip up. Feel free to try all kinds of substitutions-- maple syrup or agave can replace the honey.... walnuts, pecans, macadamia, cashews, or other nuts can take the place of the almonds.... butterscotch, carob, white chocolate, or yogurt chips can be used instead of chocolate-- or leave them out altogether. You can add sunflower seeds, chia, flax, coconut, dried cherries, blueberries, or cranberries. Get creative and let us know what recipes work best for you.
Watch the video, and in under three and a half minutes, you'll have the full scoop. Wanna taste? Come to The King's Roost from 5-7pm on Wednesday, January 21, for National Granola Bar Day. We'll be serving up champagne and several different flavors of our own homemade granola bars. Better yet, if you bring samples of your own granola bar recipe for others to try, we'll give you a free pound of fresh-rolled whole oats for your next batch!


STOP THE PRESSES. This is breaking news. Did you know that January 21st is NATIONAL GRANOLA BAR DAY? Roostafarians, we cannot allow this day to go unheralded. Mark your calendars and come celebrate with us by stopping by The King's Roost from 5-7pm this Wednesday evening. Enjoy a sampling of various scrumptious, homemade granola bars (from our own fresh-rolled oats!) and top it off with an elegant champagne toast to granola.

But that's not all.  I, Roe Sie, master granola-barrister, will demonstrate how to flake oats-- rolling grains one handed while juggling granola bars. Best of all, I challenge YOU to show off your own granola-making prowess. You will be rewarded for your efforts and contributions! Bring samples of your own granola bars for us to try, and you will get a FREE pound of freshly rolled oats to make your next batch!

Need more inspiration? On Tuesday, I'll post a recipe for killer granola bars in this week's featured DIY project video. See you then!
If you've ever been to The King's Roost, you know we have a sizable patio with plants, seating, tables, umbrellas for shade, even an aquaponic tilapia and veggie garden. It's a terrific place to kick back with a magazine or a friend. It's ALSO a great place for a snack or lunch.  That's why we're putting out the call for healthy food trucks who want a place to ROOST and serve food to the world's friendliest and most awesome clientele. We even have a designated parking spot right on Talmadge Street next to the patio, just waiting for the right food truck.

Countless people who work in the schools, stores, offices, hospitals, and production studios within walking distance of our shop wander over to ask when they can count on delicious food from us. Let's make this a neighborhood reality! THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Let's bring them wholesome, tasty food. Know of someone with a truck? We have the perfect spot for them. Hook us up.
If you have a cast-iron skillet, you probably adore it. If not, consider getting one-- it will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen. Affordable, durable, and versatile, a cast-iron pan lasts forever and goes from frying chicken on the stovetop to baking cornbread in the oven without missing a beat.

Taking good care of your cast-iron is simple and easy, but proper maintenance is critical... and a bit different from your other pots and pans.

In this week's video, Roe gives you a four-minute lesson in all things cast-iron. He even weighs in on the great debates about cooking tomato sauce, washing with soap, and using metal utensils with your pan. Enjoy!

(And yes, of course, we sell a bunch of terrific, budget-friendly pots and pans at the King's Roost!)
Hear ye, hear ye, cockadoodle doo! Effective Tuesday, January 13, 2015, The King's Roost store hours are changing slightly. We will now open at noon! 

Weekday hours will be noon until 7pm, Tuesday through Friday. And weekend hours will be noon until 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday. We will continue to close on Mondays. We'll be using our mornings to make even more soap, bake even more granola bars, brew even more beer, and scoop even more chicken poop in our own backyard. 

Thanks for all your support and patronage and happy 2015 to all!

At the King's Roost, we love aquaponics. And nothing grows better in fish poop than HERBS AND SPICES. We have them coming out of our ears-- mint, thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage-- and they go into everything. Fresh herbs liven up all your foods, drinks, and snacks. Put them in juices, water, and tea... salads, fresh produce, and sauces... garnishes! You can even sprinkle herbs on your cheese plate or cracker bowl to add a burst of flavor. But whether you buy fresh herbs or grow them at home, you've probably found that quite a bit usually goes to waste. The solution? Freeze your excess herbs into an HERBSICLE!

We sell a handy little device that compresses and freezes your zesty herbs into a push-up pop so you can slice garden-fresh goodness into discs or grate directly onto all your favorite salads, sauces, fruits, dressings, cocktails, and soft drinks. Forget your dried out old spice rack-- you can have fresh herbs all year, whenever you need them. This clever little gadget even has an erasable label so you can easily identify, name, and rename your herbs and spice blends.

Watch this quickie video; Roe shows you just how easy and convenient it is!