The only thing that rivals baby chicks in terms of a good time, is shopping for items to sell in the King's Roost retail store. It's a fantasy. You're in for a treat when you visit the shop and see all the amazing things you can make and do. Today's favorite finds: 

A tiny butter churn for turning your milk into fresh homemade butter. Imagine the possibilities for flavored butters! Savory garlic, chive, tarragon, sage or rosemary butter.... Or sweet honey butter... maple butter... fig or cinnamon or strawberry butter. THE MOUTH WATERS JUST THINKING OF IT.

Also on today's list of extra-special items, a countertop compost bin to fall in love with. Small, compact, very cute and stylish, with a carbon filter to trap odors. In the past, we've had trouble finding a kitchen compost bucket that works well and isn't butt ugly. The search is over-- we found it!

Can't wait to show you these and other treats. 


That is really wonderful machine for the home use, the number of peoples who are making butter at home that is very helpful for them. The design of the machine is quite wonderful and amazing.

08/23/2016 3:17am

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05/28/2016 8:29pm

These people get a moderate salary for your roughly 4 months these people spend every year in Topeka, however their retirement benefits grow as though the state compensated them for any year-round gb.

All informed, a salary timid of $15, 000 makes a legislator eligible for the pension which any instructor, street worker, jail employee or even Kansas bureaucrat could be eligible for only if their particular actual spend ran to the north of $90, 000.

“It’s not reasonable or suitable, ” stated Rebecca Proctor, the professional director from the Kansas Business of Condition Employees, any union symbolizing 8, 000 workers.

The girl was a person in a Kansas Public Workers Retirement Program study commission rate that this year suggested altering the system with regard to legislators. The actual Legislature in no way acted upon that suggestion.

Instead, the girl said, congress have attemptedto shore upward KPERS through increasing efforts required of standard state workers. In addition , a few legislators possess floated recommendations limiting whether or not those employees could count number unused holiday and ill time towards their retirement living benefits.

“It’s hypocritical, ” Proctor mentioned.

To be sure, people of the House and also Senate should pay in to the kitty, 6 % of the expected salary which their retirement benefits are determined. But it is such a great deal that couple of pass upward.

06/20/2016 7:29am

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06/26/2016 2:08am

Will you show us that and other treats?

09/15/2016 10:13am

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