This is a picture of our favorite chicken, Ruby, reacting to the weather forecast. Keep your chickens cool during this heat wave - we've lost a one or two in over the years due to overheating. These girls work hard to give us eggs and  they can't take their downy coats off when it's hot,  so  keep them safe and cool when it's hot out. 

We've tried lots of ways to keep them cool and have finally settled on a crazy solution: we rolled the portable A/C unit from our garage office to the coop. They sit all day in front of the vent and stay nice and cool on these triple digit days.  No A/C unit lying around? Here's a few ideas that have worked for us:
  • Ice their water (a lot)
  • Freeze a few one-gallon jugs and set them in the coops. Just sitting next to  them will help a lot
  • Drop half a frozen watermelon in the coop.  It's food, it's a treat, it's water, and it's cooling, all in one!

New Classes and some kids classes
Due to the incredible demand for real homemade bread, I've just added two new bread classes (one in October and one in November), along with the usual soap, candles, sauerkraut and more. Click here or head over to the online shop to browse the upcoming classes - they are all on Sundays and they're scheduled through mid November. Come make your holiday candles or holiday soaps and knock out a ton of your gift list with one-of-a-kind hand made items and have a great time doing it too!

Kids Classes - take note, next Monday, October 3rd, LAUSD is out, so Sandi Picazo, who runs the after school program at Franklin Ave Elementary is running a small workshop for kids here at The King's Roost - the morning session is  a 3-hour "spooky crafts" class, then I'm teaching a melt and pour halloween-themed soap class after lunch. There are a couple spots left  (it's $45 for the morning session, $25 for my class, and $70 for both together), email sandi directly at sandipicazo@gmail.com to get more info and to register. If you're not sure what to do  with your little ones on monday, this might be a great enrichment option. 

See you in Class!




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