Join us, along with friends, THE COOP GARDEN, on the Roost patio Sunday, May 3 at 11AM, for introduction to the basics of keeping your own urban chicken flock! Learn about what they need, what they eat, how they act, how long they live, how to keep them safe and happy, what it will cost, how much work you will need to do, and what you can expect from your birds in return. We'll talk about coops, runs, flock size, types of chickens, how to house them, how to know if they get sick and what to do about it... plus, we'll even introduce you some special guests. You'll meet ACTUAL real-life feathered friends of various ages and varieties who will be here on site to say hello. To top it all off, we'll serve free champagne and send you home with a farm-fresh egg from our own flock.

Bring the whole family! Children join us for free with parents' admission. Each adult is $15. Enroll in the online store!


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10/13/2016 8:14pm

I love chickens and I also consider them as my family. Chickens are birds that cannot fly and they are also there to wake us in the morning. I will tell this to my father so that he will be reminded about the importance of chickens in our home

01/16/2016 12:02am

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