Back by popular demand, Rachael Narins from Chicks With Knives returns for another hot sauce workshop on Sunday, May 17, at 2:30. Bigger and better than ever!

In this hands-on  class, Chef Rachael Narins will teach you all about working with chiles. The workshop  will begin with a quick overview of chile varieties as we sample a few various  hot  sauces  and discuss how they differ. Then we'll get to work, making four recipes (with lots of room for customization).

You will make and take home in beautiful jars: 

-- Spicy Pepper Mash

-- Red Rooster Hot Sauce

-- Caribbean Pepper Sauce

-- North African Harissa

Instructor: Master Fermenter Rachael Narins from Chicks With Knives
Cost: $65 per person
Location: King's Roost Patio

Reserve your spot in the online store!


11/07/2015 10:49pm

It is great workshop and those things are helpful rather we felt like two weeks is just two days as a result of the stories we heard of how ambiguous the writing can be. But do you know to the professors it is just more than enough time?


Wow! What a great idea! I will be starting a restaurant business next year and I guess that this will be a big help for me as a starter entrepreneur. I will definitely try each of these. The ingredients are easy to find and not that expensive and I am so excited to have four different flavors. Spicy pepper mash looks perfect to my signature chicken recipe, red rooster hot sauce and Caribbean pepper sauce looks good on my wing salsa and I will see what is best for North African Harissa. Thank you for sharing this! I hope to see more from you!

02/04/2018 6:00am

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In this hands-on class, Chef Rachael Narins will teach you all about working with chiles. The workshop will begin with a quick overview of chile varieties as we sample a few various hot sauces and discuss how they differ.

03/13/2016 3:16am

Sunday is a special day for spend whole day at home and would choose to carry some parents as they do the school trip. This parents are expected to witness the trip and also get to see what the students were learning

05/18/2016 8:44am

thank you for recipe all about working with chiles. very nice

10/27/2017 11:06am

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12/25/2017 12:18pm

Make Sauce at home rather than buying from a market, we know there are so many companies working world wide whose aim is to provide fake and hazardous products just to earn more money.

01/24/2018 12:32am

Whenever there is a need for the food to be spicy, my mom usually uses her home-made hot sauce. This condiment seasoning is very important in our dining table specially that we always want to eat some spicy dishes. I also mix the hot sauce in a variety of other salty sauces, the combination is really good. Try to experiment and taste another flavor. I will just look for the process on how to create a fermented hot sauce by Chef Rachael Narins from another site. Thank you for sharing this blog post.


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