Join us at The Kings Roost for a fun  workshop and in under an hour, create your own unique scented feathered candle.

An engaging class that will teach you the fundamentals of candle making and the tools you need to make them at home

You’ll learn  about wax, wicks, pour temperature(s), color options (and what NOT to use), fragrance options , tips, shortcuts and more. 

Class is $30, and you'll take home not only your own creation, but the mold as well.  Click here to buy your ticket to reserve your spot. 



09/30/2015 11:26am

You are a life saver! I needed a new hobby and have been pestering my family and friends for quite a while. I just couldn't find one that would get me out of the rut I am currently in. As a writer, I do have my usual bouts of writer's block, but this one is taking longer that the others. Perhaps I am having a quarter life crisis, or worse yet, perhaps I am really not really good enough to make it as a published author. This is why I needed to be doing something else, a sabbatical if you will, or I'll drive myself to the point of insanity.

02/29/2016 3:46am

Candles are brilliant. Similar to therapy, their scent heightesn the senses to create a relaxing and focused environment. I delight in having to have candles in my living space that allow me to study, relax and be content as I browse through my books. I have been scenting candles with oils and persisting on searching for wonderful DIY tutorials.


I think it is time for me to be humble enough to accept that I need to join classes in candle making. A few years back, I tried making candles out of old crayons and used candles. Everything turned out to be a disaster. Not only that, I had to figure out how to clean up afterwards. I still would love to learn how to make candles myself. I have ideas of sending them as personal gifts to the people I love. I think gifts are very special and I always loved the thought of making them myself.

10/08/2015 9:04am

I see you have a lot of workshop ideas. This is cool. Count me in.

10/20/2015 10:54am

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