Soapmaking, brewing, fermenting, sprouting, yogurt and kombucha, candlemaking, wholemeal baking, backyard chicken and urban beekeeping, aquaponics, DIY bath and beauty products, and more... not to mention a full schedule of cooking, gardening and DIY workshops for kids. So much to learn and do!


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NO WAY! The Saturday class is already full. We sold out in less than a day, so Rachael has kindly offered to add a second class the very next day on Sunday, October 18th at 1pm (note the earlier start time).  Click here to buy a ticket for the Sunday class. Bring an apron, a knife, and closed toed shoes. Scroll down for more info on  the class itself.

Any day now, the temperature will drop below 100 degrees,  which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner! So let's turn our attention to pumpkins.  Rachael Narins will be teaching a class on everything pumpkin. In this class, one of the first in the new KIng's Roost space in Sunset  Junction,  you will use fresh pumpkins to make pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin donuts and pumpkin butter. This amazing 2.5 hour class is $65 and will run from 2 to 4:30. Click here to  purchase  your ticket to reserve your spot. Spaces are already filling up  so hurry before you, well, turn into a pumpkin. 
Join us at The Kings Roost for a fun  workshop and in under an hour, create your own unique scented feathered candle.

An engaging class that will teach you the fundamentals of candle making and the tools you need to make them at home

You’ll learn  about wax, wicks, pour temperature(s), color options (and what NOT to use), fragrance options , tips, shortcuts and more. 

Class is $30, and you'll take home not only your own creation, but the mold as well.  Click here to buy your ticket to reserve your spot. 

In this hands-on  class, Chef Rachael Narins will teach you the fundamentals of making hot sauce. The workshop  will begin with a quick overview of chile varieties as we sample a few various  hot  sauces  and discuss how they differ. Then we'll get to work, making four recipes (with lots of room for customization).

You will make and take home in beautiful jars: 

-- Basic Fermented Pepper Mash

-- Red Rooster (Siracha)

-- Caribbean Peppersauce

-- Spicy Blackened Pickled Peppers

Class is $65, click here to buy your ticket. Must be 18 to attend. Please bring an apron and a chef's knife. 

Come to the King's Roost on Sunday, June 28, from 2-4pm and let Roe teach you how to make cold process soap from scratch.

Roe will walk you through every step,  safely and efficiently-- from selecting oils and mixing the lye, to finding elegant ways to add texture and scent to your soap, even packaging and wrapping the finished bars. 

You'll help make King's Roost soap, customizing the soap you make in class. Plus, you  get to take home 2 bars, either from the King's Roost that day, or by popping back in for the ones you make in class after they have cured.

Tickets are $35 and space is limited, so reserve your spot now.

What better what to celebrate the official start of summer (and FATHER'S DAY-- hint hint!) than with The King's Roost homebrew beer workshop? Join the fun on The King's Roost patio, Sunday, June 21, from 2-4pm.

Roe will begin with a general introduction to the history of beer and the magic of fermentation. You'll sample several of his own refreshing and delicious homemade brews and ciders. Then, you'll learn how to create your own beer with one of his lightning fast, easy and space-saving kits. These beer kits contain nothing but all-natural ingredients, no chemicals, additives or fillers. The varieties you can create are endless. Each makes 2-gallons of beer in a batch and requires a fraction of the time and space that traditional homebrew demands. 

Please reserve your spot in advance. Tickets are $35

The Eastside Foodswap, hosted by The King's Roost, with special guests The True Spoon, comes to the Roost patio on  Saturday, May 16, at 11AM.

Create, share, trade, eat, drink, and make friends!


Back by popular demand, Rachael Narins from Chicks With Knives returns for another hot sauce workshop on Sunday, May 17, at 2:30. Bigger and better than ever!

In this hands-on  class, Chef Rachael Narins will teach you all about working with chiles. The workshop  will begin with a quick overview of chile varieties as we sample a few various  hot  sauces  and discuss how they differ. Then we'll get to work, making four recipes (with lots of room for customization).

You will make and take home in beautiful jars: 

-- Spicy Pepper Mash

-- Red Rooster Hot Sauce

-- Caribbean Pepper Sauce

-- North African Harissa

Instructor: Master Fermenter Rachael Narins from Chicks With Knives
Cost: $65 per person
Location: King's Roost Patio

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Join us, along with friends, THE COOP GARDEN, on the Roost patio Sunday, May 3 at 11AM, for introduction to the basics of keeping your own urban chicken flock! Learn about what they need, what they eat, how they act, how long they live, how to keep them safe and happy, what it will cost, how much work you will need to do, and what you can expect from your birds in return. We'll talk about coops, runs, flock size, types of chickens, how to house them, how to know if they get sick and what to do about it... plus, we'll even introduce you some special guests. You'll meet ACTUAL real-life feathered friends of various ages and varieties who will be here on site to say hello. To top it all off, we'll serve free champagne and send you home with a farm-fresh egg from our own flock.

Bring the whole family! Children join us for free with parents' admission. Each adult is $15. Enroll in the online store!